Eco Policy Example Template

One of our business’ main points of difference is our dedication to sustainability, a feature our clients tend to value highly. We are commonly asked by clients for advice in how they can best communicate their own environmental values so we have prepared two exemplary templates below that people are freely welcome to use in whole, in part or with amendments. Please note these only reflect the features you gain from using our services, your business very well might have additional environmental initiatives you would love to talk about. 

Template 1

At [Business Name], we are committed to sustainability and environmental responsibility. We believe that it is our responsibility to minimise our environmental impact and support a more sustainable future and that small steps can lead to big changes.

Our business practices reflect this commitment to sustainability. Not only is our website powered by 300% green energy, with the excess returned into the grid, we utilise other technologies and processes.

We use print-on-demand technology to minimize paper waste, and we work with printing partners who are committed to sustainability by using certified sustainably sourced paper, prioritizing energy efficiency and running 100% carbon offsetting of their printing process.

We then ship our products using eco-friendly packaging and work to minimize shipping distances to reduce carbon emissions. 

By choosing our services, you can feel good knowing that you are supporting a business that is committed to sustainability and environmental responsibility. Together, we can work towards a more sustainable future.

Template 2

As an independent author, I am committed to sustainability and doing my part to minimise my environmental impact and believe that small steps can lead to big changes. That’s why I’ve chosen to power my website with 300% green energy, which means that the energy we use is replenished with three times as much renewable energy. So, every time someone visits my website, they are helping to contribute green energy back into the grid.
I also utilize print-on-demand technology to minimize paper waste, and I work with printing partners who use eco-friendly materials and practices. My books are printed on certified sustainably sourced paper with eco-friendly inks, and I ship them using eco-friendly packaging from a printing facility as close to your shipping address as possible.
By choosing to support independent authors like myself who prioritize sustainability, you can feel good knowing that you are contributing to a more sustainable future. Together, we can make a difference.

Potential Talking Points

Printing and Distribution

  • Our printers use eco-friendly inks and certified sustainably sourced paper
  • Use of print-on-demand technology to minimize paper waste and warehousing emissions
  • All of the paper waste from the printing process is recycled including misprints and trimmings
  • Energy-conservative printing facilities that then offset 100% of the printing process’ carbon emissions
  • Books are printed as close to the end customer as possible to minimise shipping, then are shipped in eco-friendly packaging


  • 300% renewable energy: We purchase three times as much renewable energy as your site consumes, and this excess energy is returned to the grid, helping to promote the use of renewable energy.

  • Data centre carbon emission offsetting: Carbon offseting by investing in renewable energy projects and planting trees.

  • Energy-efficient infrastructure: Uses energy-efficient infrastructure, including servers and cooling systems,  server virtualization and resource monitoring, to minimize waste and improve efficiency.

  •  to reduce their energy consumption.

  • Support for green initiatives: supports a number of green initiatives, including the Bonneville Environmental Foundation.

More About Us

Whilst the talking points above are more about the features of our processes that you and your customers engage with automatically, if our specific business practices are of interest in your talking points then you can find more info about us here.
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