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Beat Our Founder At Chess And Win Bragging Rights AND 15% Off!


10% Off For Anyone Living In New Zealand And Kiwis Across The Globe


Share A Space Fact Our Collective Team Doesn't Know And Earn 5% Off!



15% Off


15% Off


15% Off

Terms and Conditions

Subject To Changes

Customers are welcome to apply for multiple promotions but will only receive one (the highest valued one they are eligible for). At our discretion, we may occasionally allow compounding promotions but these will likely not to be for the total combined value. 

We do not ask for any supporting evidence in applying for the “Inclusion” class promotions nor do we ask which branch of the promotion you are applying for. We also leave the specifics up to interpretation. If you feel you are disadvantaged due to any sort of discrimination and/or lack of inclusivity, we feel the “Inclusion” class promotions are for you!

If applying for an Eco-Discount, we ask for a summary of your environmentalism both personally and professionally. We will then grant discounts proportional to how proactive and strong your dedication is. The greener you are, the cheaper we are!

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